Celebrate With Us: 50 Years of Driving Change

Waymakers is celebrating 50 years of driving impact and change for youth, victims, and families across Orange County. Our focus is on sheltering, supporting, counseling, resolving, and educating those in their most vulnerable moments to find their way past conflict and crisis to strength and stability. Our supporters, volunteers, and staff continue to amaze us with their generosity and dedication to our mission, and we are so proud of the powerful work they do every day.

How We’re Making an Impact
We partner with people and organizations in our communities to offer resources, education, and prevention for various needs across Orange County. Below are some of the ways we’re making an impact.

Sheltering Children
Whether it’s a teen struggling with mental health issue in need of an alternative to hospitalization, or a runaway child trying to escape a crisis situation, we offer a safe, positive, home-like environment. We work to resolve their conflict and reunify families in the safest way possible.

Supporting Victims
We work to alleviate the trauma and devastating effects on the lives of those affected by crime. Waymakers provides Victim Assistance for those who have been subject to domestic violence, sexual assault, gang violence, human trafficking, and more.

Counseling Families
Waymakers supports families who are involved with or at-risk for involvement with the child welfare system, juvenile justice, law enforcement, or children's mental health system. Our goal is to meet families in critical moments to promote positive communication and relationships as well as enhance parenting skills, feelings of safety, and resilience.

Resolving Conflicts
Our mediation services come alongside community members that find themselves in a conflict they cannot resolve and provide mediation as an alternative to judicial solutions for small or civil claims. In addition, our restorative justice services work to divert juveniles from future delinquent behavior and support juveniles in current judicial conflict.

Educating Communities
Waymakers provides educational programs to mitigate risk factors and promote constructive decision-making and behaviors that benefit our community. We offer programs like sexual assault prevention, human trafficking awareness, and PATH (Positive Action Toward Health) to educate and support the health and safety of our neighborhoods.

Become a Waymaker
Waymakers are advocates, allies, and voices of reason for those in their greatest time of need. As we continue our work, we invite you to be a part of the community. Join the #IAmAWaymakerMovement today and become a part of helping those in need, empowering vulnerable youth, and giving voice to victims within our community. Your support can truly make a difference.

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