Mental Health Awareness Month Art Contest

During May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, the Newport Mesa Collective Impact group, overseen by Waymakers, worked in partnership with the Newport Mesa Unified School District to hold the first-ever Mental Health Awareness Month Art Contest.

Nearly 200 students, from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade, participated in the art contest focused on the theme, “What Sparks Joy?” The competition focused on promoting well-being by encouraging students to design original art pieces expressing what makes them happy and relieves stress in healthy ways. Student artwork was grouped by grade level and judged on creativity and originality, clarity of message/ interpretation of the theme, and quality of art/ use of medium and overall impression.

Waymakers and all of the agencies involved in this project were very pleased with the quality and messages within the student artwork submissions. Director of Student Services, Dr. Phil D’Agostino, said: “We are grateful for our strong partnership with Waymakers for supporting us with our wellness initiatives, including sponsoring this amazing art contest, and I congratulate all of our art contest winners.”

The Mental Health Awareness Month Art Contest Winners will be awarded self-care kits and art supplies. Visit the Mental Health Awareness Month Art Contest Slideshow to view the winning entries.

The Newport Mesa Collective Impact group, consisting of representatives from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Orange County Department of Education, Newport Mesa Unified School District, and the Newport Beach Police Department, aims to reduce youth substance use within the district through cross-sector partnership and collaborations. Waymakers serves to oversee and encourage this collaborative effort by putting on events such as the Mental Health Art Contest to promote the idea that youth substance use is better addressed with multiple agencies working collaboratively rather than independently.

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