Mediation Paves the Way for Peace


When Waymakers board member and trained mediator, Joe McCarthy, met roommates, “Courtney” and “Rebecca”, their relationship was tumultuous. The women were at odds, finding no common ground and getting verbally abusive with one another, each trying to get a restraining order on the other. Joe, a mediator with Waymakers’ Dispute Resolution Services, was there to help facilitate an agreement as an alternative to participation in small claims court. With patience and an unbiased approach, he was able to help the roommates discuss ways to accommodate one another. The judge agreed to their terms, and the roommates hugged each other in front of the judge. Joe said, “Through our mediation service and conflict resolution, we bring people together in an unbiased way and have them simply talk to each other. Waymakers helps people work through their issues, come up with an agreement and then allow them to move forward with their lives. When you do that you feel really good about the process.”

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*Client names have been changed and photos do not show clients out of respect for their privacy.

PrevMarch 4th, 2020

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