Supporting Victims

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Imagine the devastation experienced by crime victims who have lost loved ones to homicide, been abused by domestic violence or sexual assault, or hurt by random attackers. Waymakers victim services alleviate the trauma and devastating effects on the lives of those touched by crime.

Victim Assistance Programs

  • Victim Assistance Centers (All types of crime)
  • Rape Crisis/Sexual Assault Centers
  • Gang Victim Services
  • Human Trafficking Services
  • Domestic Violence Assistance
    (Protective Orders) 714-935-7956
  • Community Crisis Response Team

Program Goals

  • Mitigate emotional harm caused by acts of crime
  • Provide resources to meet emergency needs
  • Ease anxiety surrounding participation in the criminal justice system
  • Creation of safety plans
  • Assure victims’ have a voice during criminal justice proceedings

Victim Assistance Centers


“I think your victim assistance program services are incredible. Our advocate was very understanding and supportive of my issues with anxiety and made every effort to make me comfortable. She gave me a tour of the courtroom before the court date, gave me confidence to attend without issues. I truly appreciate all you did for me.”


Rape Crisis Hotline

Confidential support from trained sexual assault counselors available 24/7.

Human Tracking Hotline

Request support or report suspected human trafficking.

211 OC

Call 2-1-1 for assistance in accessing free and low cost services in Orange County, including services for victims of domestic violence.

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