Providing safe shelter for children in crisis


Due to repeated suicide attempts, fourteen-year-old “Annalise” had been hospitalized three times, spending over 40 days away from her family. She suffered from extreme depression and anxiety, which was only exacerbated by the feeling that the world around her was on constant high alert due to the pandemic. Annalise had a lot to deal with for someone so young. Her father had been laid off from his job and was too sick to get another one while he was under treatment for cancer. Then her mother’s business suddenly closed due to a COVID-related slowdown, placing the family in a position where they had no income. Fortunately, Annalise was referred to a Waymakers shelter. While in the safety of the shelter, Annalise was provided all of the support needed to help her recover and find hope for her future. Her parents were provided family counseling and referrals for resources to get them through the tough time they were facing. Annalise learned ways to stay calm and actually helped her family by asking them to join her in practicing her newly acquired coping skills. At the end of her three-week stay with Waymakers, Annalise was sent off with “air high fives” and well wishes from the Waymakers staff and other residents. As her grateful parents took her into their arms, she exuded a new sense of confidence and all three of their faces glowed with hope for a brighter future.

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*Client names have been changed and photos do not show clients out of respect for their privacy.

PrevMarch 4th, 2020

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