Helping the Voiceless Regain Their Power


“Karina” was sexually assaulted from age 11 to 13 by her mom’s ex-boyfriend and his brothers. As a young girl, she did not understand what was happening. Over a decade later, Anna found the courage to report the sexual abuse and her courage helped others to find their voices. Her ongoing assault by these perpetrators was not isolated to Anna. The Deputy District Attorney handling her case encouraged Karina to work with Waymakers. Karina was determined to attend every court hearing possible. Her advocate remembers meeting her for the first hearing, noting, “She was shaking, anxious and emotional”. It was exceptionally difficult for her to see those who had hurt her so badly. Waymakers helped Karina access therapy, a Waymakers support group, other workshops, and has provided ongoing accompaniment for each court proceeding. Through these therapeutic and empowering experiences, Karina regained her power. Today she shares her story as a survivor in a voice that is confident and strong..

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*Client names have been changed and photos do not show clients out of respect for their privacy.

PrevMarch 4th, 2020

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