Thanks to our generous community, Waymakers Swing for Kids Golf Tournament was a resounding success, reaching a SOLD OUT status! This event was more than just a golf tournament; it was a spectacular fusion of competition and compassion.From the moment participants stepped onto the greens, they weren't just players – they were Waymakers, embodying the spirit of positive change. Presented by Purus Wealth Management, the tournament attracted over 144 community members and influential business leaders, all united by a common purpose.

Join us next year on the greens, and let’s continue making history, one swing at a time. At Waymakers, we're not just golfing; we're shaping the future with the power of each exhilarating swing! Committee Members: Mark Larsen, Neil Lawley, Bijan, Nafison, Rami Sarakbi, Jason Smallwood, Kris Thordarson, Lucia Svrckova, Greg Tippin, and Rick Vaughn

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May 15th, 2025
Oak Creek Golf Club, Irvine

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