Counseling Families


Young people face many challenges as they strive to reach their full potential. Waymakers counseling programs are designed for youth and their families who are involved with or at-risk or involvement with the child welfare, juvenile justice, law enforcement and children’s mental health systems.

Counseling Programs

  • Gang Prevention & Intervention
  • Families First Outpatient Services
  • Youthful Offender Wraparound Services
  • Collaborative Court Full Service Partnership for
    Juveniles– Truancy and Substance Abuse

Program Goals

  • Positive family communication & relationships
  • Enhanced parenting skills
  • Increased level of resiliency
  • Positive family, peer, school and community interactions
  • Ability to manage conflicts
  • Increased feelings of safety



“The fear of an uncertain future had bothered me for the longest time. I hadn’t realized that I would be alone on this journey of life. The comfort of knowing I have people who care and are here for me really lessens the intensity of the struggle and it gives me hope for a great future. I’ve never felt better.”

Parents, Youth & the Law Classes

Intensive and interactive, parents and youth attend separate sessions designed to improve coping skills. Utilizing group exercises, youth are taught values clarification, communication skills, decision making skills, and the difference between assertion and aggression. Parents learn about adolescent development, clear communication, setting limits, and how to promote positive self-esteem in their children.


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